The Best Footwear To Wear To A Winery

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a big fan of wine. Wine tasting and spending a day at a winery can prove to be a delightful experience! The serene views, lush gardens, charming architecture, an amazing array of food, and the company of good friends and family are all great reasons for taking a day off to see the valley. Oftentimes, however, people tend to over think their clothing ensemble during the wine tasting. To help you decide what to wear, we discuss in this article the best footwear to wear to a winery.

Footwear Appropriate For The Weather

In some places, weather can be tricky. It’s important to check the weather advisory before planning your day at a winery since rain can ruin your experience. If by chance, the weather is not good and you have already made plans and reservations, it is wise to don a pair of boots or sandals instead of womens pumps in touring around the vineyards. Make sure that the footwear you choose have anti-slip soles if you’re planning to go on a cool weather. This is to avoid any accidents since barrel rooms and production areas typically have slippery surfaces.

Comfortable Footwear Is Always The Most Appropriate

Walkable footwear like ballet flats and espadrilles are probably the most appropriate comfort shoes yet trendy footwear you can wear at a winery. These types of shoes do not only ensure absolute comfort while walking around the gardens. They will also help you avoid sinking into grass or dirt. To add to this, they are sophisticated and fashionable. If you feel like your espadrilles or ballet flats are too boring for an exciting day, opt for one that has playful prints or a vibrant color.

Wearing Heels Is A No-No

While there are vineyard tours that accommodate people with seated wine tasting sessions, almost all of them will keep you on your feet. There will be lots of walking around barrel rooms and standing while taking a sip of the wine. Some tours may also let you venture out into vineyards, pass by a lot of gravel surfaces or across soggy lawns. You may even decide to stay for a quick, relaxing picnic or a game of ball after the tour.

This is why most winery tour guides highly recommend leaving your lace up or fluffy heels at home for the occasion. Heels are undeniably sexy. But for a day at a vineyard, it will feel more like a punishment than a fashion trend. Since there will be a lot of walking, heels can hurt your feet, get damaged, or run the risk of you toppling over the hard soil. If you absolutely need to wear heels for the day, choose the footwear that has chunky heels. This way, you can still have the comfort and balance you need while strutting out your heels.

Wine tasting is an amazing experience that you should do at least once in your life. To make it more memorable and enjoyable, you have to keep everything light – your clothes, your bag, and most importantly your footwear. And choosing the most comfortable pair of footwear like merrells is the best way to go.

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